The Role of Biogas in Agriculture: Efficient and Sustainable Utilisation of Agricultural Residues

Over the past few years, biogas plants have been established as a reliable second business mainstay for agricultural businesses. Residues such as manure, slurry, feed residues, catch crops or whole crop silage can easily be converted profitably into environmetally friendly energy.

Schmack Biogas provides support for your biogas project right from the start. Apart from planning and construction we offer a comprehensive technical and microbiological service. One of our goals is also to train you and give the tools to independently run a succesful plant operation.  

Small Biogas Plants for Livestock Farmers

The production of biogas with liquid and solid manure is well worth it - not least when done on a small scale. The new small biogas plant from Schmack Biogas enables even small agricultural operations to make a profitable entry into biogas production. For you, this means opening up an additional source of income and creating new opportunities for your business.

With the COCCUS® Farm 75 kW, we provide a sophisticated solution in the lucrative 75 kW class. At a fair price! You also get top class Schmack quality. The proven components are manufactured in-house or by other reputable manufacturers. The smooth operation of your plant is thus ensured. The benefit for you: minimal work required, thus leaving you time for your other business activities.

Get an offer for a small biogas plant.  


Service for Biogas Plants

Our priority is to provide professional support for every technical or biological issue. We offer all kinds of services whether it is the maintenance of your agitator, retrofitting existing equipment or repowering of your biogas plant.

In addition to safe and reliable plant technology, a continous fermentation process is one of the key factors for a successful plant management. Our experts support you in maximizing the performance of your plant. For this purpose, our accredited laboratory provides comprehensive analytics. Starting with the evaluation of different substrates and the monitoring of the fermentation process to testing the fermentation residues. 



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