Biogas from Agricultural Waste Materials

Whether cattle or pig manure, poultry or horse manure - all these agricultural waste products have one thing in common: they are all ideally suited for fermentation in a biogas plant. All these substrates have an enormous, hidden energy potential. The biologically-derived natural gas obtained from the manure of 20 head of cattle would be sufficient for travelling around the Earth 1.5 times, for example.

A biogas plant is a lucrative source of extra income for agricultural enterprises. Substrates such as liquid or solid manure are often available anyway. Instead of disposing of this valuable asset it can be utilised energetically and profitably through fermentation.

The processing of liquid manure and other agricultural fertilisers through fermentation in a biogas plant prior to application to arable land has additional advantages. Unpleasant odours are significantly reduced, and the availability of nutrients to plants is increased.