Gain independence!

The production of biogas with liquid and solid manure is well worth it - also when done on a small scale. The new small biogas plant from Schmack Biogas enables even small agricultural operations to make a profitable entry into biogas production. For you, this means opening up an additional source of income and creating new opportunities for your business.

Profitable with liquid and solid manure

 The small pant concept is particularly lucrative when using a high concentration of liquid and solid manure. This concept is designed to meet all the needs of small livestock farms. In addition, by using a smart heating concept, you can reduce your own energy costs and/or generate additional revenues.

Top quality - excellent value for the money

With the COCCUS® Farm 75 kW, we provide a sophisticated solution in the lucrative 75 kW class. At a fair price! You also get high quality Schmack technology. The proven components are manufactured in-house or by other reputable and reliable manufacturers. The smooth operation of your plant is thus ensured. The benefit for you: minimal work required - leaving you time for your other business activities.



  • Greater independence from electricity, heating, fertiliser and producer prices
  • Development of promising future-oriented opportunities for your business
  • Use of well-proven Schmack technology
  • Manageable investment costs, low raw material costs
  • Economic benefits through heat recovery (e.g. for barns, washing water, residential buildings)
  • Low space requirements