Small-Scale Biogas Plant  COCCUS® Farm

The plant system COCCUS® Farm has been developed for plants using a high proportion of liquid manure as feedstock.

Special attention was paid to functionality and ease of use in the development of this small-scale plant. The amount of supervision is minimal thanks to extensive automation of the plant control system. In addition, special emphasis was placed on low auxiliary power requirements for electricity and heat.

Only high-quality and proven components from leading manufacturers are used in the construction of the biogas plant. The key components are manufactured in the company's own factory in Germany.


Take Advantage of these Benefits

  • Low auxiliary power requirements in terms of electricity and heat
  • Industrial standard
  • Minimal amount of supervision due to a high degree of automation
  • High plant availability
  • Sophisticated engineering, professional plant control system with PLC technology
  • Short construction times
  • Highly flexible, easy to expand at any time