The Omnivore Among Compact Plants

Is your feedstock mainly composed of grass, solid manure and liquid manure? Or food and vegetable waste? Or rather solid manure, maize and cattle manure? No matter what substrates are available for biogas production, the EUCOlino compact biogas plant flexibly adapts to the specific circumstances at your locality.

EUCOlino is quick to install and ready for operation immediately. The biogas plant is prefabricated as a standardised system, safety-tested at the factory and delivered ready for operation. Due to its compact construction, EUCOlino only requires very little space. The size and output capacity of the EUCOlino can also be adjusted to match the size of your operation. As a consequence, there is no requirement for major construction projects and you can commence with biogas production without the need for a lengthy start-up phase.

EUCOlino - Installed in a quick and simple manner

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Uncomplicated installation, short construction times and quick start-up
  • Compact design, less floor space required
  • Massive paddle agitator for high dry matter contents, high volume loading and difficult substrates (grass, solid manure, etc.)
  • High-quality components and component parts for low maintenance operation
  • Mobile and flexible set-up, easy to relocate at any time