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Biogas Plants for Every Substrate Combination

Renewable raw materials are ideally suited for the production of biogas, regardless of whether they are used separately or in a mixture with liquid or solid manure or other energy crops. The plant systems supplied by Schmack Biogas can therefore be flexibly adapted to your specific substrate combination.  

There are now an increasing number of alternatives to traditional feedstocks such as grass, grain or maize. These may include beets or sorghum, for example, but also completely new energy crops such as cup-plants (Silphium perfoliatum).

Intelligent Raw Materials Management

Raw materials management plays an important part in the economic success of your biogas plant. The cultivation of crops needs to be planned at an early stage and in a sustainable manner to guarantee supply at predictable prices over the entire operating period.

Would you also like to become an expert in raw materials management? Our courses on 'Substrate production and supply' include comprehensive information on the latest methods and findings in the fields of raw materials management and harvesting logistics. You can find more detailed information here.