Biogas Plant Offering Customized Flexibility

The fermentation of difficult feedstock such as straw or grass silage can quickly pose a real challenge for many biogas plants. These long fibre substrates are difficult to process. Large amounts of them may thus cause blockages or lead to the formation of floating layers. Premature wear of the plant and essential component parts is all but inevitable.

In contrast, the EUCO Titan biogas plant has been specifically designed to cope with the fermentation of such substrates. The two-stage processing, first in a horizontal fermenter, then in a second stage fermenter, breaks up solid structures, with the result that a high fraction of dry matter can be processed.

Another advantage is the particularly high volume load at which the system can be operated.The compact design means that the plant system requires significantly less space than conventional biogas plants. You save up to 15% in fermenter volume.


Take Advantage of these Benefits:

  • Even temperature distribution
  • Avoidance of swimming layers
  • Avoidance of sinking layers or solid matter sedimentation
  • Continuous gas extraction from the liquid
  • Proper mixing of the fresh substrate with the digestate
  • Stable biological operation
  • High specific gas yield

EUCO® Titan Overview