Why Trace Elements?

Bacteria produce enzymes to break down biomass. The bacteria require trace elements for this enzyme production and also for their own metabolism. These trace elements have to be added to the fermenter continuously. The balancing of each relevant trace element is vital in order to guarantee an efficient biological process.

Why Does novoDYN® Work with Every Substrate Mixture?

Extensive test series in our own accredited laboratory have shown that the ratio of individual trace elements with various input materials is almost always the same. novoDYN® is the key to need-based supplementation of the trace element content in the fermenter and can be dosed flexibly as required by the amount of substrate input.


Take Advantage of these Benefits:

  • Increase in the plant utilisation
  • Stabilisation of the biological process
  • Increase in substrate degradation capacity
  • No hazardous material
  • No water pollution class