A Successful Start

The first measures towards biological commissioning begin even before the construction work has been concluded. Our experts accompany you in this process for a specified period of time.

During this time, they first test the starting materials and substrates. They then prepare a detailed action plan which includes the filling of your plant, the quantities and mixing ratios as well the feeding of your system.

During the commissioning period, the fermentation process is continuously monitored by means of regular laboratory analyses. They continuously assess the situation and make recommendations for the next steps. Finally, they provide a detailed report showing all results obtained during the monitoring period. They also make suggestions and recommendations concerning the further operation of your plant.

Thanks to this assisted start into biogas production, you can rest assured that you have created a stable and resilient basis for the operation of your plant. 

DSC_8250 a_stage_xl.jpg

Take Advantage of these Benefits:

  • Continuous monitoring of the commissioning process
  • Interpretation of the analysis results
  • Feeding recommendations
  • Advice based on experience gained from over 60,000 process analyses
  • Detailed documentation