Durable Paddle Agitator that is Gentle to Bacteria

A reliable and sturdy agitator is the motor of every biogas plant. It ensures that the substrate is uniformly mixed. Sinking or floating layers are thus not able to form, and the gases are stirred out.

The continuously running paddle agitator Remex® is particularly well suited for renewable resources and liquid manure.The slow and steady agitation process is gentle to bacteria and thus ensures optimal fermentation. Stoppages (that promote the formation of swimming layers) are therefore not necessary. A particular advantage is the very low electricity consumption.

Maintenance work is possible at any time without any problems. All electrical component parts as well as the drive motor and the agitator's gearbox are located outside the fermenter and are thus easily accessible.

REMEX Stoke_stage_XL.jpg

Take Advantage of these Benefits:

  • Extremely low parasitic load
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Self-lubricating polyamide bearing
  • Horizontal and vertical mixing
  • Exterior motor and gear
  • Low failure rate
  • Low maintenance