Industrial Feeding Technology for Biogas Plants

The PASCO 60/80/100 feeding system is a sliding floor metering station with a choice of diffferent conveyor variants, depending on the circumstances. The PASCO 60/80/100 metering station is specially designed for feeding renewable raw materials and similar feedstock into biogas fermenters. It is mainly characterised by its high degree of flexibility in dealing with more difficult substrates, such as larger volumes of solid manure and grass.

Elevated conveyor systems and liquid feed-in variants are available for feeding substances into the fermenter.


Take Advantage of these Benefits:

  • Sturdy and high-quality metering station
  • Flexible use for different quantities and raw materials
  • Water-tight PE vat
  • Flexible choice of discharge and conveyor technology
  • Low maintenance operation
  • Extremely low auxiliary electricity requirements