Flexible Feeding System -  also for Difficult Substrates

The PASCO 8/12 feeding system consists of a sturdy metering station made of steel. The PASCO 8/12 is specially designed to feed in difficult substrates, such as large quantities of solid manure, grass and renewable raw materials.

The basic version of the PASCO has a capacity of approx. 8 m³ which can be easily increased to a capacity of 12 m³ by means of an expansion kit. Depending on local and plant-specific conditions, either a side feed (below fill level) or a solution with elevated conveyor technology can be implemented.



Take Advantage of these Benefits:

  • Sturdy and high-quality metering station
  • Flexible use for different quantities and raw materials
  • Water-tight vat
  • Flexible choice of discharge and conveyor technology
  • Low maintenance operation