The Dispensing Lock – Safe, Sturdy and Cost Effective

The new TRGS 529 (Technical Rule for Hazardous Substances / Application area: Production of Biogas) requires that open handling must be avoided when additives and auxiliary substances, such as concentrated salts and trace elements, are employed. Such additives may only be added to the fermenter via a closed system.

This dispensing lock meets these requirements and is very easily integrated into an existing plant setup. Installation or add-on occurs on the suction side of the existing pump, for example via a T-piece in the substrate line or directly via the pump. The solid, stainless steel assembly (DN 150) essentially consists of a two-chamber system that can be operated via a manual slide. The ventilation connection with a non-return valve is used to equalise the pressure during the feed-in process, while the flushing connection is used to clean the chamber system.

To maintain the closed nature of the system as per TRGS 529, the concentrated trace elements and salts are delivered in decomposable sacks. Safe, emission-free dispensing takes place via a two-chamber system. The bag of additives is completely sucked into the substrate line by means of negative pressure and thus added to the fermenter. Finally the system can be cleaned with water.


Take Advantage of these Benefits:

  • Closed system for safe, emission- and dust-free introduction of auxiliary substances and additives
  • Intuitive operation
  • Simple and sturdy model
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Extremely little maintenance required
  • Simple to retrofit into existing infrastructure
  • A cost-effective and reliable solution