Gas Dome

The gas dome of type EUCO is used to collect biogas from a fermenter's headspace and to forward the collected biogas to a gas storage tank. In addition, the gas dome serves as an important safety component for regulating the over-/ underpressure in the digester.

The gas dome is equipped with an inspection opening and one window as a burst disc, a gas line connection (DN 200), an integrated gas overpressure and under-pressure safety valve. There are also other connection options such as for sensor technology/gas analysers. A fill level sensor installed at the ceiling of the gas dome controls foam production and the maximum liquid level in the fermenter. The fermenter interior can be viewed through an inspection window.

Primarily consisting of:

  • Gas dome with integrated overpressure and under-pressure safety valves
  • Burst disc with wipers
  • Fastening material
  • Sealing material
Gasdom Tongeren2_stage_XL.jpg

Take Advantage of these Benefits:

  • High-quality workmanship
  • Reliable function
  • Little maintenance required
  • Visual inspection made possible through internal wipers
  • Retrofitting possible - can be retrofitted to third-party plants
  • Can be customised (e.g. also available in stainless steel)