Generating Biogas from Organic Waste

Industrial and municipal waste often have a great deal in common. They contain a high proportion of impurities (plastics, wood, metal, etc.), are very heterogeneous and exhibit great seasonal variation in their composition.

BIOFerm technology is ideally suited to meet precisely these challenges. The dry fermentation process is divided into separately operable digesters, in which the biomass is fermented under exclusion of air. After conclusion of the fermentation process, the digester is completely emptied and then refilled. A wide variety of substrates with a high proportion of impurities can be fermented.

Apart from the filling and emptying of the digesters, the entire plant is operated automatically by means of a programmable logic controller. The amount of plant supervision necessary is thus minimised.


Take Advantage of these Benefits:

  • Yield-generating resource management instead of expensive waste disposal
  • Low-cost, domestic raw materials, regardless of price fluctuations
  • High plant availability, minimal downtimes
  • Rapid amortisation
  • Reduced operator effort
  • Low maintenance costs and equipment wear