Large-Scale Industrial Standard Plant

The COCCUS Titan biogas plant is a large-scale plant used to ferment substrates with low dry matter content. This may be waste from food production, landscaping materials, but also silage or renewable raw materials.

The plant is equipped with high-quality components. The Remex® paddle agitator is particularly energy efficient and prevents the formation of sinking and floating layers. The PASCO feeding system reliably and continuously supplies substrate to your plant. Key components are manufactured in our own factory in Germany in order to achieve consistently high quality in individual system components.

Another advantage is the well-engineered and user-friendly plant control system. The amount of supervision necessary is kept to a minimum due to a high degree of automation.


Take Advantage of these Benefits:

  • Low auxiliary power requirements in terms of electricity and heat
  • Industrial standard
  • Minimal amount of supervision due to a high degree of automation
  • High plant availability
  • Highly flexible, easy to expand at any time