Intelligent Combination of Dry and Wet Fermentation Systems

Can a waste fermentation plant be operated profitably when the amount of waste from the local composting plant is not sufficient for economical gas upgrading? Or when enough waste products are available, but when these differ strongly in terms of dry matter content? Or if the amount of waste is subject to considerable seasonal fluctuations? Yes, it can!

Schmack Biogas has developed a hybrid system to meet precisely these challenges. In this system, the dry fermentation line is complemented by a wet fermentation line. It is thus possible to feed waste streams into the respectively most efficient fermentation process. The processing and electricity conversion technologies are shared by both lines. 

Farmyard manure (liquid or solid) and energy crops compensate for these seasonal fluctuations or a lack of substrate. A constant gas yield can therfore be achieved throughout the year.

Use biogas in a flexible way

BGA Stausebach


Take Advantage of these Benefits:

  • Synergies in processing and electricity conversion technology (only one line necessary)
  • Compensation for seasonal fluctuations
  • Economical gas treatment and feed-in
  • Use of start-up and shut-down gases from dry fermentation
  • Waste streams and renewable raw materials can be separated