Prevent Deposits

Crystallisation and problems caused by deposits in pipes carrying the percolate, may arise under certain conditions during operation of biogas plants.

Especially changes in temperature and pH values promote the formation of deposits. The formation of deposits therefore needs to be monitored in particular in heat exchangers, pumps, nozzles or other outlets, pipelines and filter systems. This leads to process disruptions with plant downtimes that require additional cleaning and maintenance.

Crystallisation inhibitors are used to dissolve the deposits by chemical means. The Struvit protective agent consists of modified phosphonates and polycarboxylic acids that effectively prevent the build-up of deposits.


Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Low investment costs
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Improvement in occupational safety as a consequence of unimpaired flow/throughput in pipelines
  • Higher plant availability
  • Simple inspections
  • Universal applicability