Efficient and Environmentally-Friendly Production of Biomethane

The pressure swing adsorption (PSA) principle makes biogas processing simple and clean. The biogas is compressed and catalytically stripped off hydrogen sulphide and other trace gases using activated charcoal.

At first gas is then cooled to remove as much water as possible.The condensed biogas is then passed through a carbon molecular filter (adsorber), in which carbon dioxide and other contaminants such as hydrocarbons and water, oxygen and nitrogen are removed from the gas. Biogas is thus converted into biomethane.

In order to make the process continuous, production is alternated, after a period time, between a number of adsorbers. The adsorbers are completely regenerated by drawing off the gases under vacuum. Programable Logic Controler (PLC) and on-line gas analysis make plant operation automatic, safe and reliable.

Installed plants have capacities ranging from a few hundred cubic metres to several thousand cubic metres of raw biogas per hour. Plants with a capacity of 250 to 3000 Nm³/h raw biogas are standardised. Plant sizes beyond this are custom-designed.


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Take Advantage of These Benefits:

  • Particularly energy-conserving
  • No process water, therefore no process water conditioning
  • No wastewater, therefore no wastewater treatment
  • No toxic chemicals