Frequently asked questions

Investment costs? Feedstock? Wet or dry fermentation? Numerous questions arise when the construction of a biogas plant is considered. Here, we have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions.


The company Schmack Biogas

In which countries is Schmack Biogas represented and where are its registered offices?

We have our own registered offices in Italy, the US, the UK and Turkey. In addition, we have distribution partners in most European countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Does Schmack Biogas only focus on the construction of large-scale plants?

Schmack Biogas has built over 450 plants to date. These plants encompass numerous sizes and types. Our product range includes both agricultural small-scale plants and industrial-scale gas feed-in plants.

Plant Size

Does Schmack Biogas also construct small-scale plants?

We construct plants between 75 kW and 20 MW. We are happy to advise you on every possible plant size.

What are minimum plant sizes built by Schmack Biogas for wet and dry fermentation respectively?

We construct wet fermentation plants from 75 kW. Dry fermentation plants from 300 kW - but this depends on the individual situation and local feedstock. Feel free to contact us!

How much space does a biogas plant need?

This all depends on which plant size is planned. An area of approximately 1 hectare is needed for a 500 kW plant, when no additional clamp silo is required. Approximately 2 hectares are needed if a clamp silo needs to be built.


Can I operate a biogas plant with my feedstocks?

Here we provide a list of all feedstocks on the basis of which we have built biogas plants thus far. If you can draw on feedstocks that are not mentioned in the list, we will gladly explore this for you.

What quantities of feedstock do I need for a biogas plant?

If you already know which feedstocks are available, we would like to refer you to our calculation of profitability. We will gladly check your individual requirements.

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Costs Associated with a Biogas Plant

We receive numerous enquiries about this - clearly because a biogas plant is a long-term investment. Among them are, for example:

  • When does a biogas plant become profitable?
  • When does a biogas plant become amortised?
  • What are the average maintenance costs?
  • What are the investment costs?
  • What staff do I need?

The answers to these questions vary from plant to plant. They depend on your feedstock, the plant size and the overall circumstances. We will be glad to answer these questions by means of a nonbinding calculation of profitability that we will prepare for you free of charge.

To this end, please follow this link and complete the form as fully as possible.



Are there already reference projects that are comparable to my prospective plant and can you send me relevant information?

You may obtain a first impression of our previous projects here. However, this is only a small selection of the plants that we have already completed. If you can't find a matching reference project, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to prepare some information for you.

Is it possible to visit these reference plants?

In general, we endeavour to provide you with a tour of a suitable reference plant on request and in response to specific enquiries.